Tensisters Panel Sizing Chart
The chart (PDF) above will help you determine how many panels you need for the project you want!

Border Panel Sizing Chart
The Border Panel Sizing chart (PDF) will help you determine how many panels you need for your quilt border.

Easypiecing Grid Instructions
Open or download and print these these helpful instructions on the Easypiecing Grid!

Free Easypiecing Patterns


We add NEW patterns ALL YEAR LONG! FREE patterns are for a limited time! Head to the Patterns page and Download NOW!

Blank Layout Quilt Grids

These three blank layout grids below are similar to those grids found in our books. Hover over the links below, click to open up a separate tab containing the pdf, and then you can save or download that PDF file to your own computer. You can print these blank grids in three different sizes to help you create and pre-plan your quilts using the EasyPiecing Grid!

Generic Layouts
6 Panel Layout -- 12 Panel Layout -- 20 Panel Layout

Half Inch Layout
6 Panel Layout